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Thank you for visiting our new and improved website. As a start-up company, we want to give you the opportunity to stay up to date with our company and our offers. Thanks to our friends at Impact Business Development will enable us to always keep you up to date with all of our new developments.


Our website will be growing and changing as WindJammer Energy, Inc. grows increasing the WindJammer Generator (WJG) product line. We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible. At this point we can provide you with information regarding the development of WindJammer Energy, Inc. The emphasis of our site is on promoting the development of WindJammer Energy Generators and building the company as it grows into a world wide corporation. This new type of wind powered electricity is certainly of interest to you. Check this site often as new developments will occur on a regular basis. Building new WindJammer Generators prototypes is the first step for WindJammer Energy.


WindJammer Generators (WJG), are built using a new and unique design for wind powered electrical generation. The WindJammer Energy lines of generators are radically more versatile than any other types of wind mills or wind turbines on the market. WindJammer Generators operate using a completely new design and are not wind mills or wind turbines. Combining the patent design with human imagination this generator will have a versatile and unlimited number of variations and applications conforming to every location. WindJammer Generators will continue to evolve for many generations as the ideal and designs continue to grow in size and applications. The patent application only covers wind electrical generation using sails but it can be adapted for use in flowing water and coastal wave applications.

WindJammer Generators are environmentally friendly. The slow moving sails will make very little noise and will be gentle to flying birds. Wind turbines with their fast moving blades kill many birds every year including Golden Eagles. A Federal Judge ordered many turbines to be moved in California after the turbines were found to be in the Golden Eagles flyway. The spinning blades kill many bats every year by the rapid air compression from the turbine blades. Bats eat large quantizes of bugs and mosquitoes every night. Florida has many crop damaging bugs, pesky and disease carrying mosquitoes and plenty of bats to eat them. The air compression from the turbines spinning blades also causes a loud thumping noise resulting in many people not able to live near wind turbines.